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Autism sensitive dining at Drumcoura city

At Drumcoura City Restaurant, Ballinamore, Co. Leitrim

Thursday 6th February 3pm to 7pm


We believe strongly in meeting the needs of all our customers and are aware that families with a child who has a diagnosis of Autism often find it difficult to eat out with their children due to the social-communication challenges that may be involved.

With this in mind we are aiming to provide a dining experience that is sensitive to social-communication and sensory difficulties that can sometimes be obstacles to pleasurable dining experiences for the family when eating out. This is a pilot event; we envisage our Autism Sensitive Dining times occurring at least once a month for the foreseeable.

We hope our Autism Sensitive Dining time supports the development of strong local networks for parents and families and provides a pleasurable family dining experience for all.


Our staff have received input on ASD awareness and sensitivity to the needs of children on the ASD spectrum.

We have a ‘submit a request’ option upon booking that offers parents the option to let us know what adaptations would enhance their dining experience i.e. sitting preferences, table settings, lighting and sound considerations among others.


Parents can help prepare their child for the visit to our restaurant by viewing the images below outlining the car-park, venue, toilets and staff.


Menus for children will be provided in visual format, however, if your child has specific food needs, we welcome requests upon booking and are also open to the child’s meal being brought from home.


We have also cordoned off a relaxation space which is easily accessed by children and parents for times when the child needs a little space for themselves. This room includes several sensory items which can also support the child in the relaxation area.

Booking is essential during our Autism Sensitive Dining times to avoid over crowding.

Autism Sensitive Dining (1).png

Booking essential:

Call 0719645781 (Office) or 0719645312 (Saloon),

Email us at

Get to know us before your visit

Below are some pictures that may assist in becoming familiar with our venue, staff and children's menu before your visit.

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